iOS 7 Jailbreakers You Must Install OpenSSH Now!

Jailbreaker, most of you know no way back, if you ever update to iOS 7.1. What’s more, there is no jail lock available for Apple’s latest iOS 7 update. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you ‘iOS 7 jailbreakers’ instantly install OpenSSH.

Keep working iOS 7 Jailbreak

iOS 7

Why should Jailbreakers iOS 7 install OpenSSH now?

If you’re not aware, iPhone hacker MuscleNerd recently tweeted that iOS 7.1 will prevent evasi0n7 from working, so all you need to do is keep your iOS 7 device adjustable and Jailbroken, with OpenSSH.

OpenSSH allows you to access SSH. This provides a secure terminal access through your device’s network interface, which can be used to fix your iPhone.

So, if your jailbroken iPhone ever got into any software issues that prevented it from being upgraded, and you didn’t have OpenSSH installed, you would have to go back to a stock firmware, thereby losing your jailbreak. However, if you have OpenSSH installed, you can simply plug your phone into your computer and try to fix the problem and hopefully fix the device.

What’s more, CoolStar’s SemiRestore has just been released for Windows (Mac coming soon) with iOS 7 support and also requires OpenSSH to be pre-installed. SemiRestore allows you to restore your device to a clean state without losing your jailbreak. It’s not a complete iTunes rollback, but deletes all content and settings. SemiRestore also has the ability to repair system files if they ever become corrupted and prevent your iPhone from setting up. However, this also requires OpenSSH to be pre-installed.

iOS 7

A common misconception among jail-blocked users is that OpenSSH causes a battery drain. However, since OpenSSH is just a startup service, it does not affect battery life as it only works when you are connected to a device. We recommend changing your SSH password for better security (the default password is alpine).

Make sure you only install packages from the trusted developer and repository! However, if you ever have a problem, try holding the volume key on your device during boot, which prevents MobileSubstrate executions from running, allowing a mode boot. If this doesn’t work, you can always try SemiRestore or use OpenSSH to try to fix the problem yourself.

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